Question: Are Amway Vitamins Synthetic?

Amit Chandra: Synthetics are simply man-made copies of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

In these cases we formulate a product combining both synthetic and natural plant-based concentrates and vitamins that also delivers important phytonutrients, the heart of the Nutrilite™ brand.

Are Amway products all natural?

Amway develops many of its products with natural ingredients grown and harvested on its own 6,400+ acres of organic farmland around the world – using sustainable, chemical free methods.

Are GNC vitamins synthetic or natural?

It is synthetically made in our manufacturing facilities in Southern California.” I emailed GNC. They said: “GNC purchases vitamins, herbs, minerals, and other dietary ingredients from domestic suppliers as well as suppliers in many other countries from around the world.

Are Amway products chemical free?

That being said, Amway products are not free of HARMFUL chemicals. They are full of carcinogenic, endocrine-disrupting, and neurotoxic ingredients (petrolatum, PEGS, fragrance, parabens, etc). If you are looking for non-harmful products, Amway is not the company for you.

Is Amway products banned in USA?

Amway products are NOT banned in America. Somebody has misinformed you seriously .Do check it on its website .Please ! It has its worldwide headquarters in Ada , Michigan and it is so large that there are about 3 zip codes .