Quick Answer: Can I Sell Mary Kay On Ebay?

Can I sell Mary Kay on Amazon?

Amazon can block you from selling anything at any time.

If Mary Kay states that you are infringing or selling counterfeit items, you are DONE on Amazon.

You can certainly try to sell something you own (as Used) as long as you don’t use their product images or product descriptions or trademarks.

How much does Mary Kay sell for?

To become a Mary Kay Consultant, you must sign an agreement and pay $100 for your “starter kit.” However, in order to stay “active,” you must place a $200 wholesale product order with the company every three months.

Can you make good money with Mary Kay?

To make money with Mary Kay, you need to sell product.

This means that you can earn up to 50% commission on any sales you make. Even with this generous incentive, to make a decent living, you’d have to sell a lot of makeup to a lot of customers.

Can I sell Mary Kay at a flea market?

Mary Kay generally discourages internet sales, and very few Mary Kay vendors are allowed to sell on Amazon or other web sites. When you sign your contract you signed you would not sell in flea markets, yard sales and online. mary kay is serious about this. no matter how you obtained your product they do not care.