Question: Can I Transfer My GoDaddy Domain To Another Host?

Transfer my domain away from GoDaddy.

If you don’t want your domain name registered with GoDaddy, you can transfer it away to another registrar.

You’ll start the process with GoDaddy, and complete it with your new registrar.

Initiate the transfer through your new registrar.

Can I transfer my domain to another host?

You can always leave your domain name with your current registrar or host if you wish to do so, and simply change the domain’s nameservers to point to your NEW host’s server. Now, for those of you who DO wish to transfer your domain name away from your current registrar/host.

Does GoDaddy charge for domain transfer?

At GoDaddy, Domain transfers are charged per name at a flat fee, so you pay nothing beyond this initial cost and ICANN registration, where appropriate.

Can I transfer my GoDaddy domain to WordPress?

Point Your Domain to WordPress Hosting

To point your domain to other WordPress hosting services, go to your GoDaddy account and navigate to the Domains section. Click on the Manage button next to the domain you want to change. Next, click on Additional Settings and then click on Manage DNS.

Can you transfer domain names?

If you wish to move your domain name from one ICANN -accredited registrar to another, you may initiate the transfer process by contacting the registrar to which you wish to transfer the name. Click here for more information on Transferring Your Domain Name .