Quick Answer: Can I Use A Brand Name In My Domain?

The short answer is “never”—a domain name, by itself, cannot confer any trademark rights on the domain name owner.

This is because a domain name, by itself, does not create a consumer association between a company and its products.

Can I buy a domain name that is trademarked?

What Types of Domain Names Can Be Registered? Not all domain names can be registered as trademarks. The PTO is particular about what can be registered as a domain name. For example, you will have a problem registering a generic name like “drugs.com” as a trademark.

Can I use brand names on my website?

For example, company names, product names, brand names, and logos are usually trademarked to ensure competitors in the same industry don’t use the same names or logos, which could confuse and mislead consumers. Remember, trademarks are tools of commerce, so their use isn’t required in most blogs.

Can I use the word Disney in my domain name?

Buying a branded product does not entitle you to use their mark in a domain name such as you propose.