Quick Answer: Can You Host Multiple Websites On GitHub?

Yes, it is possible to have multiple GitHub Pages sites within one account.

Create another GitHub repository and push your site files to the gh-pages branch.

This would result in the site being hosted at tshepang.github.io/<repo-name> .

This would allow you to have seemingly two different sites on different domains.

How many repositories can you have on GitHub?

GitHub Free now includes unlimited private repositories. For the first time, developers can use GitHub for their private projects with up to three collaborators per repository for free.

How do I upload my site to GitHub?

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How long does it take for GitHub pages to update?

about 10 minutes

How do I use GitHub pages?

Fire up a browser and go to https://username.github.io.

  • Use a theme, or start from scratch? You have the option to start with one of the pre-built themes,
  • Repository Settings.
  • Theme chooser.
  • Pick a theme.
  • Edit content.
  • Commit.
  • Create an index file.
  • Hello World.