Quick Answer: How Do I Become A Verified Fan On Ticketmaster?

How do I register for a Verified Fan event?

  • Click on the link in the announcement to go to the custom registration page.
  • Sign in using your Ticketmaster account, or if you don’t have one, you can create one when you register.
  • Tell us what shows you’re interested in and submit your registration.

Does Ticketmaster verified fan work?

Ticketmaster Verified Fan doesn’t guarantee that everyone who is Verified will get a ticket, but it does level the playing field so more tickets go to fans who intend to go to the show – not ticket bots.

How do I get an offer code for Ticketmaster?

After you’ve selected an event, look for a field labeled “Enter Offer Code” near the top of the page, just to the right of the price slider. Grab a Ticketmaster promo code from our list below. Type or paste your code into the offer code field, then click on the blue padlock button.

How do you qualify for Ticketmaster presale?

Presales give fans with passwords/codes the opportunity to purchase tickets before the general public! Just look for the “Offer Code” box or link on your event to enter your presale password. Presale passwords/codes are always entered before choosing your tickets.

How does presale work on Ticketmaster?

The presale ticket period is when certain event tickets go on sale to a specified group of fans, usually as a reward for their membership or customer loyalty. In advance or during the presale timeframe*, these select fans are given a code which allows them to search for tickets to buy.

How do I become a verified fan?

General ticket sales will proceed as usual.) If you are interested in purchasing a ticket for a listed show, you must become a Verified Fan via Ticketmaster. The first step is to apply (or register) to become a Verified Fan on Ticketmaster. You must register for each “event” individually.

Can you sell Ticketmaster verified fan tickets?

Not all events or tickets are available for Fan-to-Fan Resale. If you don’t see a “Sell” button, selling your tickets through Ticketmaster is not available. Tickets purchased over the phone with Ticketmaster or through a third party are not available for Fan-to-Fan Resale through Ticketmaster.

Why can’t I get presale tickets on Ticketmaster?

Tickets for some events are available to book in a presale before they’re released to the general public. So if you are trying to find tickets and the result are “currently not available”, that means the presale allocation has sold.

Does Ticketmaster have discounts?

Get 2 tickets for the price of 1 when you enter this Ticketmaster offer code. Save up to 50% off tickets when you enter this Ticketmaster coupon code. Save up to 50% on events, concerts, musicals, plays, theaters, and more with Ticketmaster! No Ticketmaster promo code is required for these deep discounts.

Are presale tickets better seats?

Presales are an opportunity to secure tickets prior to the general public on sale. not a preferential seating service and does not guarantee getting better seats. A selection of seating is made available to purchase during a presale. Invitation and access to a presale is not a guarantee of a securing a ticket.

How does ticket presale work?

A presale typically occurs online a few days or weeks before tickets go on sale to the general public. A percentage of all tickets for the event are made available during the presale. Check our website often for new presales or register at Ticketmaster and sign up to be notified of upcoming special events.

Does presale sell all tickets?

Presale is only a certain % of the tickets that are being sold. Most of the tickets will be sold once they go on sale to the general public. But make sure you are ready to buy right when they go on sale.

Are presale tickets better than general sale?

There is no difference between tickets bought during the presale and tickets bought during the general sale. The presale allows you access to tickets before they go on sale to the general public. If you fail to get tickets during the presale there’s still a chance for you during the general sale.

Can you change seats on Ticketmaster?

Exchanges & Upgrades. Did you purchase tickets, and now see better seats available? We can help! If you see seats you prefer that are the same price or higher for your event, just give us a call at 800-653-8000 to exchange the ones you have.

What does aisle seat offer mean on Ticketmaster?

Aisle seats are the seats on the ends of each row. These seats are usually preferred because they provide a little extra space on one side and they are easy to get up from if needed. If the notes do not include any indication that the tickets are aisle seats, we cannot request them from the seller.

What is official platinum Ticketmaster?

The Platinum by Ticketmaster program is offered on a selection of major events. Platinum Tickets are in demand tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event organisers though Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to in demand seats at market driven prices.

What is a verified resale ticket Ticketmaster?

Verified resale ticket is that of season ticket holder who wants to sell the seat,or someone who bought a ticket & decided not to attend, so he/she wants to sell the ticket.Verified means Ticketmaster has verified the authenticity of the ticket, resale includes some extra fees.

What is fan to fan resale?

Fan-to-fan resale will allow verified fans to buy and sell tickets for face value or less, plus fees.

Can Ticketmaster verify tickets?

We can’t verify tickets bought from a 3rd party. The only way to know your tickets are authentic, is to buy Ticketmaster “Verified Tickets” directly from Ticketmaster or Live Nation, or get them at the venue box office. All other tickets purchased through Ticketmaster should be valid for entry.