How Do I Fix My SSD Drive?

Can SSD drives be recovered?

Data recovery on a failed SSD

When an SSD fails it simply no longer works and with no warning.

If the drive uses TRIM, a system command protocol which indicates unused data blocks in solid state drives, then recovery might be impossible as TRIM aggressively deletes unused or system deleted files.

How do I know if my SSD is failing?

The common symptoms of bad blocks are:

  • A file cannot be read or written to the hard drive.
  • Your PC/file system needs to be repaired.
  • Active applications often freeze up and crash.
  • Frequent errors while moving files.
  • Generally running slow, especially while accessing large files.

How do I fix my SSD on my desktop?



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Why do SSD drives fail?

It can be caused by a variety of factors, but most notably age, physical damage, and heat. The latter two factors affect SSDs to a much smaller extent than they do hard drives, but age can cause both to eventually fail. Thankfully, symptoms and warning signs typically precede catastrophic SSD / hard drive failure.