How Do I Get Nameservers From CPanel?

The domain’s nameservers display in the NS (Nameserver) section. Note: Changes to your domain nameservers can take up to 48 hours to propagate.

Find primary domain’s nameservers

  • Log in to your GoDaddy account.
  • Next to Domains, click Manage.
  • Click the domain you want to use, and then select the DNS Zone File tab.

How do I find my nameservers in cPanel?

Locate Server Name in cPanel

  1. Log into your cPanel.
  2. Click the Server Information link in the General Information section. You will then see your Server Name listed along with additional information about your server.

How do I set nameservers in cPanel?

Setting up Nameserver DNS Using cPanel/WebHost Manager

  • Click DNS Functions.
  • Click Edit DNS Zone.
  • Select the domain name you want to use, and then click Edit.
  • For the two rows with the menu displaying NS, edit the right-most columns to ns1.your domain name.
  • In the Add New Entries Below this Line section, do the following in the first row:
  • Click Save.

How do I find my nameserver?

To carry out a name server check, simply go to and click on the “DNS” tab. Then, enter your domain name or IP address on the tab box and click on “perform test”. The tool will perform the DNS lookup and retrieve information about your domain.

How do I set up nameservers?

Adding A records for the custom nameservers

To create the custom nameserver A records for a reseller account, follow these steps: Log in to WebHost Manager. From the WebHost Manager home screen, click DNS Functions, and then click Edit DNS Zone. Select the primary domain for your account, and then click Edit.

How do I change nameservers in cPanel?

Click Change Nameservers. Enter the IP addresses for your nameservers. Click Change Nameservers.

To register with Enom, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Select Domain Names.
  2. Click Register DNS.
  3. Use the Register a Nameserver Name tool in the first section of the interface to create your nameservers.

What are GoDaddy’s nameservers?

What is a nameserver? Nameservers “point” your domain name to the company that controls its DNS settings. Usually, this will be the company where you registered the domain name. However, if your website is hosted by another company, sometimes you’ll need to use their nameservers.

How do I add a domain to cPanel?

Adding domains to your hosting plan

  • Log into your hosting cPanel.
  • Click on Addon Domains, located under the Domains section.
  • Enter in the domain in the New Domain Name section.
  • Once the domain is entered, click The Subdomain field and the Document Root (usually public_html/ will automatically fill in.
  • Click Add Domain.

How do I find my nameservers in HostGator cPanel?

To check a domain with the DNS Tool:

  1. Log into cPanel.
  2. In the Domains section, click on the DNS Tool icon.
  3. Select the domain you want to check from the drop-down menu.
  4. Click Check Domain.

What is the name server for a domain?

Domain name system (DNS) is the system that is used to translate human-memorable domain names like and hostnames like into the corresponding numeric Internet Protocol (IP) addresses as well as to identify and locate computer systems and resources on the Internet.