Quick Answer: How Do I Get Under Root In Excel?

You can use the ABS function to remove the minus sign (-) from a negative number.

Excel has no built-in function to calculate the nth root of a number.

To calculate the nth root of a number, simply raise that number to the power of 1/n.


How do you calculate under root in Excel?

Top 5 Ways to Calculate SQUARE Root in Excel

  • SQRT(number)
  • =SQRT(A1)
  • =SQRT(ABS(A1))
  • POWER(number, power)
  • =POWER(A1,1/2)
  • =A1^(1/2)
  • =Number.Sqrt([Numbers])
  • √General.

How do I make a square root symbol in Excel?

=UNICHAR(8730) gives the square root symbol in Microsoft Excel. Go to Insert Tab and click the Symbol from the Symbols group.

You can use the square root symbolbinthe following way:

  1. Select the cell you want to insert the square root symbol.
  2. Click on Insert tab, then select Symbols tab.
  3. Choose the square root symbol.

How do you take the square root of a negative number in Excel?

Use SQRT Function To Find Square Root of A Number In Excel

If you pass the negative number to SQRT function, then it shows #NUM! error. So, it is always recommended to use ABS function along with SQRT function as shown below. ABS function converts negative number to positive number i.e; absolute number.

How do you type a square root?

For word processors, you can:

  • Copy and paste the following square root symbol into your document: √
  • if your keyboard has a number pad, hold down the [Alt] button and type 251.