How Do I Sell My Private Label On Amazon?

Wait… What Is Private Label on Amazon, Exactly?

  • Step 1: Research and Select a Product.
  • Step 2: Find and Contact a Supplier.
  • Step 3: Get Your Logo, Design and Packaging.
  • Step 4: Craft a Compelling Listing.
  • Step 5: Use Fulfillment by Amazon to Create Passive Income.
  • Step 6: Make Your First Sale.

How does Amazon private label work?

Private labeling for Amazon FBA means you sell (existing) products of your choosing, under your own private brand (label) on Amazon. After studying a product/market, you contact product suppliers/manufacturers directly, and they make the product for you, in bulk, at cost, under your brand name.

How do you get a private label product?

How to Start a Private Label Business (In Ten Steps)

  1. Research a niche market.
  2. Identify the products that you think can sell.
  3. Scour the internet for potential competitors.
  4. Assess your ability to cover up-front manufacturing costs.
  5. Find a reliable private label manufacturer.
  6. Create your brand elements.

What is a private label brand on Amazon?

What Are Private Label Products? Private label products are goods and services created by one company to be sold and branded by another company. Popular examples of private label products include Walmart’s Great Value brand, Target’s Mainstays, and Amazon’s Amazon Essentials.

How do I sell my brand on Amazon?

How to Sell on Amazon: 5 Simple Steps

  • Sign up for an Amazon Seller account. Choose a seller category, create your Amazon Seller account, and set up your seller profile.
  • List your products. List products already on Amazon, or list new products.
  • Manage your inventory.
  • Fulfill, and ship orders.
  • Receive your earnings.