Quick Answer: How Many Games Can A Ps4 500gb Hold?


Is 500gb on ps4 enough?

You’ll mostly need more than 500GB if you are going to be playing a lot of games. Almost all of the PS4 games are ~45GB, which means a 500GB HDD will fill way too fast. You can always clear the game data to clear up a little bit more space, but i feel generally, 1TB will be more opt.

How many games can 1tb hold ps4?

Its easy.Depending on what are your game Sizes are,The more or less your PS4 Will Take.Eg-If a average game size is 40 gb then the 500 gb PS4 can carry Almost 12 Games if It Is 1 TB Then It can hold almost 25 games.

How many games can a 2tb ps4 hold?

50 games

What is the difference between PlayStation 4 500gb and 1tb?

At the moment there are two original PS4 1TB bundles to choose from. Both offer Infamous Second Son, while one has Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered. On the other hand, the PS4 Pro costs Rs. 38,990 – this console also has 1TB storage, and there’s no 500GB variant.

How many games can be stored in ps4 500gb?

So games run from about 30-50, and we can average them at 40 gb for argument’s sake and exclude the idea of DLC. At that size, a 500 gb hard drive will fit 12 games.

How many games can I play on ps4 500gb?

The PS4 will ship with a 500 GB hard drive. Allowing for miscellaneous content like DLC packs, patches and downloaded movies or TV shows, and assuming that these games are representative of future PS4 titles, this means that you’ll be able to house somewhere between 10 and 12 games on your system at any given time.

Is 1tb better than 500 GB?

GB (gigabyte) and TB (terabyte) are units of measurement for storage size. Another common measure is MB (megabyte). 1024MB = 1GB and 1024GB = 1TB. So for instance, a 500GB hard drive has approximately 1/2 the capacity of a 1TB hard drive.

Is 1tb enough for gaming ps4?

1TB PS4 is still not enough; Upgrade to a 2TB hard drive now. This week, Sony is releasing the new PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player 1TB Edition, which is simply a 1TB PS4 that comes bundled with a PlayStation TV (if you pre-order). That’s why I suggest upgrading your 500GB PS4 or even your new 1TB PS4 to a 2TB HDD.

How many games can 4tb hold ps4?

In theory 4tb could hold 400 games if they we’re tiny games but realistically around 150. My Stormforce gaming PC is 2TB and can hold so much games and files it makes the Playstation look stupid even with an external hard drive.

What is the best 2tb hard drive for ps4?

Best PS4 external hard drives

  • WD My Passport 4TB Portable Hard Drive. The best PS4 external hard drive – storage and reliability on a budget.
  • Toshiba 1TB Canvio Basics. The best budget PS4 hard drive option.
  • Seagate Expansion 6TB HDD. The best for big storage and it’s much cheaper.
  • WD My Passport SSD 1TB.
  • Samsung SSD T5 500GB.

Is 2tb a lot?

A million bytes are called a megabyte and a billion bytes are called a gigabyte. A 2TB drive holds about 2 trillion bytes. To put this in perspective, you could have 100,000 songs, 150 movies and a bunch of other personal items on a 2TB drive and still have room for plenty of folders full of business Word files.

Can you put a 2tb hard drive in a ps4?

The PS4 has a 500GB 2.5-inch SATA HDD, the likes of which are usually found in a laptop. Your choice of replacement hard drive must be no thicker than 9.5mm, otherwise it won’t fit in the hard drive enclosure within the PS4. That does limit your options somewhat, especially if you’re looking for a 2TB hard drive.

How much is a ps5?

The Price of a console is always a touchy subject. At a minimum, we believe the PS5 will release at a $499 price point, but we are considering a $599 option as a possibility.

Which is better ps4 or ps4 slim?

While the PS4 Pro is pushing the hardware toward 4K gaming and stronger VR performance, the PS4 Slim is a smaller, sleeker take on the PS4 as we’ve known it the past five-plus years. The Slim system is the base model now, replacing the larger model that has been available since 2013.

Is 500gb or 1tb SSD faster?

The 500GB Samsung 860 EVO (available on Amazon) is probably the best option for most people, but it’s also available in 250GB, 1TB, 2TB, and 4TB models. Prices for SSDs start to get staggering once you hit 1TB or more of capacity, though.