Question: How Much Does A Herbalife President Make?

The average Herbalife Salary for Presidents is $186,707 per year.

How much does President’s team in Herbalife make?

The average compensation for supervisors is around $500 per year. World Team – Next comes world team. You’ve hit the top 5% of all active leaders and are now earning around $5,000 per year. GET Team – The “global expansion team” consists of another 5% of all active leaders, and they earn around $20,000 year year.

Can you make good money with Herbalife?

Like all business people, some Distributors will succeed, while some will not. Building a successful Herbalife business takes skill, hard work, and time. You can earn money by selling Herbalife® products that you buy at a discount. The more you sell, the higher your discount, up to a maximum of 50%.

What is the millionaire team in Herbalife?

Dear PowerPoint®* Users, The TAB Team represents Herbalife’s most elite Independent Distributors and consists of three prestigious levels – Global Expansion Team, Millionaire Team and President’s Team. By reaching the TAB Team, you become a leader and are eligible to qualify to earn more bonuses.

What are the levels in Herbalife?

The next five levels — “Senior Consultant,” “Success Builder,” “Qualified Producer,” “Supervisor” and “World Team” — require racking up a certain number of volume points. As distributors achieve new levels, they’re eligible for deeper discounts on the products they order, up to 50 percent for Supervisors and above.