Question: Is Date A Continuous Variable?

A discrete variable is always numeric.

Continuous variables are numeric variables that have an infinite number of values between any two values.

A continuous variable can be numeric or date/time.

For example, the length of a part or the date and time a payment is received.

Is date of birth a continuous variable?

Date of Birth/Annual Income/Tax Paid are in general continuous variable. But you may change them in categorical depending on your use case. In your example, income and tax paid are numbers, they are continuous, but name, gender and DOB would be categorical.

Is Date nominal or ordinal?

The characteristics measured in the experiment are the patient’s sex, blood pressure, and the date. The sex is a nominal variable, the blood pressure is numeric, and the date is ordinal.

What is a continuous variable example?

A continuous variable is one which can take on infinitely many, uncountable values. For example, a variable over a non-empty range of the real numbers is continuous, if it can take on any value in that range. The reason is that any range of real numbers between and with is infinite and uncountable.

What is continuous date?

Continuous dates draw a quantitative axis for the date values. For example, the view below displays the sales as a function of a continuous order date and is color-encoded by category. As you can see, the color of the Order Date field changes from blue to green after it is converted to a continuous quantity.