Is Gsuite Part Of Google Cloud?

Google’s cloud services have a new name: everything cloud-based—including the Google Cloud Platform, enterprise mobility, and even Chromebooks—is now part of the Google Cloud brand.

Google Apps for Work is now “G Suite.” This name spans Gmail, Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, and more.

What is G suite by Google cloud?

G Suite–which used to be called Google Apps–is a set of end-user applications, including GMail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Hangouts, and many more. Google Cloud Platform, however, is a set of services that Google makes available to developers so they can build and run their own applications.

What does G Suite include?

Products. G Suite comprises Gmail, Hangouts, Calendar, and Google+ for communication; Drive for storage; Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Sites for collaboration; and an Admin panel and Vault for managing users and the services.

Is G Suite really unlimited?

It is true that G Suite storage space is unlimited. G Suite for Business, enterprise and education edition gives 1 TB of storage if there are fewer users. But up to 30 GB of content is free for any user. This storage is available for Gmail, Google Drive and Google photos.

What is G Suite certification?

G Suite Certification for Students. A professional certification from Google that enables students to demonstrate mastery of G Suite applications such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides for the workplace. Show prospective employers and colleges that your students are fluent in digital collaboration tools. Test your knowledge.