Is SendGrid GDPR Compliant?

SendGrid is committed to ensuring that it is GDPR compliant and is dedicated to assisting our customers’ GDPR compliance efforts.

SendGrid’s steps to ensure it is GDPR compliant include: SendGrid is Privacy Shield certified.

Are SendGrid emails encrypted?

We are excited to announce, that effective today, all email sent via SendGrid will utilize opportunistic encryption using TLS. For a long time now we have supported encryption for submitting messages to SendGrid, either via our HTTPS API, implicit SMTP-SSL, or SMTP with STARTTLS.

Where is SendGrid located?


How do I send a SendGrid email?

To send SMTP email using Telnet:

  • Start your session by typing in the terminal: TELNET 25 .
  • Once you successfully connect to the SendGrid, log in to the server by typing AUTH LOGIN .
  • Input the API username encoded in Base64.
  • Enter your Base64 converted API key in the next line as the password.