Question: What Does VAR Stand For In Technology?

Video Assistant Referee

What is a VAR in technology?

A value-added reseller (VAR) is a company that resells software, hardware and networking products and provides value beyond order fulfillment. For example, a VAR may provide consulting, design, implementation and training services around the hardware, software and networking components it resells.

What does VAR stand for?

The video assistant referee (VAR) is a match official in association football who reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication.

What do the letters VAT stand for?

A value-added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax placed on a product whenever value is added at each stage of the supply chain, from production to the point of sale.

What does VAR mean in coding?

var is used to declare the variable in javascript. var msg=””; means you declared the variable msg which is empty and same with the focusname .

Why is var used?

Penalty decisions

The role of the VAR is to ensure that no clearly wrong decisions are made in conjunction with the award or non-award of a penalty kick.

What is SAP VAR?

Value added resellers (VARs) that have been certified as SAP Partner Center of Expertise (PCOE) are authorized to sell SAP VAR-delivered support to their end customers.

What does VAR mean in Excel?

The Excel VAR function estimates the variance of a sample of data. If data represents the entire population, use the VARP function or the newer VAR.P function. VAR ignores text values and logicals in references.

What VAR stands for in World Cup?

When an acronym for instant replay is overshadowing the World Cup, the beautiful game can get ugly, fast. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what’s happening in France, where every Women’s World Cup match, it seems, is marred by some controversy surrounding VAR, or “video assistant referee.”

Will var be used in the championship?

VAR was used at the 2018 World Cup, is in operation in Italy and Germany’s top divisions, and has been utilised in some FA Cup and Carabao Cup games. VAR will also be used in the Champions League from next season. In April, Premier League clubs voted against it being used for the 2018-19 season.