Question: What Is A Patta?





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Land deed

What is a Patta document?

Patta is a land revenue record which establishes the title/ ownership of land. The Patta Register is maintained at Taluk office and contains ownership details of all Land holdings. Chitta is an extract from Patta register that gives ownership details of land that belong to a person or persons.

Is Patta required for registration?

Is it mandatory to have a Patta for every property? In case of vacant plots of land, Patta is a must, as it is the main document for establishing lawful possession. Even in case of properties with buildings and structures, Patta is the primary document to establish lawful possession.

What is Patta number?

Patta is a legal document issued by the Tamil Nadu government in the name of the actual owner of the property. A patta can be obtained from the Tahsildar’s office of the particular district. A patta consists of the following details: Name of the owner. Survey number and subdivision.

What is the procedure for Patta name transfer?

Attach a copy of the Document of Registration, Encumbrance Certificate (your name should appear on it) and a copy of the Patta last issued for the land. Submit it to the VAO who will direct you to go the Seva Mayyam, where your letter and documents will be scaned.

What is difference between Patta and registry?

A Patta is one of the best proofs of ownership of a particular property. If any person has a Patta Land registered under his name, then he is the legal owner of that particular land. For the evidence of ownership in a vacant land, the Patta is the most important document.

How can I get individual Patta?

The following is the procedure for obtaining patta chitta online.

  • Step 1: Go to Patta Chitta Website.
  • Step 2: Select View Patta & FMB / Chitta / TSLR Extract.
  • Step 3: Details of Property.
  • Step 4: Patta Chitta from Town Survey Land Register.
  • Documents Required for Patta Transfer.

Can we register land without Patta?

You can at your own risk can buy land without approval but definitely not without patta. Patta is the only document that confirms ownership of land by a person, will you buy a land from someone who cannto even produce the basic document to assert his ownership.

Can we get Patta through online?

The procedure to apply for Patta online is not very complicated. All you have to do is log in to the website: and select the option- View Patta & FMB/CHitta/TSLR Extract. After that it will ask you for details like taluk, block, district, survey number etc.

What is the difference between Patta and EC?

EC indicates that the property is free from any monetary and legal liabilities. EC indicates the liabilities in the form of a mortgage or a loan against the property that has not been cleared. The encumbrance certificate is provided by the sub-registrar’s office where the particular property is registered.

What is Patta called in English?

Meaning of Patta:

A Patta is a legal document issued by the Government in the name of the actual owner of a particular plot of land. It can also be issued for lands having buildings or individual houses etc. constructed on them.

How can I apply for land Patta?

To apply for Patta online log in to the website:, select the option relevant to you from view Patta & FMB/Chitta and TSLR extract, enter the required details and your property will get registered and an E-certificate will be issued by the Town Survey Land Register.

What is survey number?

A land survey number is a unique number assigned to a specific piece of land to maintain records. The record contains the information about the location, size, shape, and ownership of the land, and is created by the surveyor. The land survey number works as a record of information about a specific plot of land.

Where can I apply for Patta Transfer?

Patta is basically a legal document in the name of the actual owner of the property by the Tamil Nadu government. It can be obtained from the Tahsildar’s office of the particular district or Patta online application can also be filed.

Is Patta required for registration in Tamilnadu?

In order to make the property registration process transparent and more secure, the Tamil Nadu government has now proposed to make Pattas mandatory for transactions. A Patta, also called the Record of Rights (ROR), is a legal document issued by the government.

What is non encumbrance certificate?

Non-Encumbrance Certificate (NEC) is one of the most important legal documents that assure that a property is free from any monetary and legal liabilities. Non-Encumbrance Certificate usually contains all the financial and legal transactions for a defined period that has been made concerning a particular property.

Can a Patta land be sold?

A renewal occurs only when the property is transferred, either by Will or by sale to other party. Besides, a patta can be obtained free of cost. Land patta is important for property acquired in three ways: Land acquired under ‘Transfer of Property Act’

Can I buy lavanya Patta?

Can we buy lavanya patta land .and in future govt compensate the patta owner if it takes the land. If the pattas issued by the government state that is it lavanya pattas, then these people who have possessed the surplus land from the government under lavanya patta are not the owners of the land.

What is Adangal?

Adangal is a type of land record that is maintained by the Village Administrate Officer. Adangal is also known as Village account No.2. and is written each year by the Village Administrate Officer. The documents contains the following details: Patta lands.