What Is A Root Domain Controller?

What is forest root domain controller?

A dedicated forest root domain is a domain that is created specifically to function as the forest root.

It does not contain any user accounts other than the service administrator accounts for the forest root domain.

Also, it does not represent any geographical region in your domain structure.

What’s a root domain?

Root domain name definition

Root domain – the domain of the highest level in any domain name system. In the Internet DNS system, the root domain is denoted by an empty name (that is, containing no characters).

What is difference between domain and domain controller?

The Domain is used to manage access to a set of network resources for a group of users (applications, printers, etc.). This information is stored in a master directory database which resides on a single Windows server on a network. This Windows server is designated as a Domain Controller.

What is forest and domain in Active Directory?

Domains, trees, and forests

In Active Directory terminology, a domain is the area of a network covered by one single authentication database. The store of that database is called a domain controller. Everyone knows what a forest is in the real world – it is an area that is covered by trees.