Question: What Is Co In Domain Used For?

The .co domain extension is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) assigned to Colombia.

However, there are no restrictions on who can register second level .co domains, and it has become widely accepted as an international domain representing “company” or “corporation”.

Is Co in Domain good?

Google doesn’t place any priority on the .co domain extension and still prefers the .com. However, it’s still possible to rank high with a .co extension, with good SEO. When looking at country domain extensions, the .co is often used, such as with and

What is the meaning of CO in domain?

In a number of countries, .co (an abbreviation of commercial) is used as a second-level domain in the Domain Name System used to route internet traffic. Domain registrants register second-level domains of the form .co.xx, where xx is the country code top level domain (e.g., in the U.K. and in Japan).

What is the difference between COM and Co in? is a Second Level Domain (SLD) means a domain that is directly below a top-level domain. For .in or domains you can’t setup domain privacy as .in registry does not allow to use such services for its domains. Wikipedia : Country code top-level domain – Wikipedia. Icann :Country code top-level domain.

What is the US domain used for?

.us is the Internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States of America. It was established in 1985. Registrants of .us domains must be American citizens, residents, or organizations, or a foreign entity with a presence in the United States of America.