What Is SMTP Port Number?





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Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

What is my SMTP port number?

What SMTP Port Should I Use?

Port NumberDescription
25Standard SMTP port
465Out-of-date (deprecated) port for secure SMTP
587Modern port for secure SMTP
2525Alternative, non-standard SMTP port

How do I find my SMTP server name and port?

How to Find My SMTP Server IP Address?

  • Click on the “Start” menu, type “Run” press enter then type “cmd” press enter (type without quotes)
  • A command prompt will open in a new window.
  • Type ping space smtp server name. For example “ping mail.servername.com” and press “enter“. This command try to contact the SMTP server through IP address.

What is the SMTP protocol?

(pronounced as separate letters) Short for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, a protocol for sending e-mail messages between servers. Most e-mail systems that send mail over the Internet use SMTP to send messages from one server to another; the messages can then be retrieved with an e-mail client using either POP or IMAP.

How do I find my SMTP port for Outlook?


  1. Open Microsoft Outlook on your computer. It’ll be in the All Apps area of the Start menu in Windows.
  2. Click the File menu.
  3. Click Info.
  4. Click Account Settings.
  5. Click Account Settings.
  6. Click the account you want to check.
  7. Click Change.
  8. Find the SMTP server next to ″Outgoing mail server (SMTP).″