Quick Answer: What Is The Best Cloud Storage Service?

What are the best cloud storage services?

Best free cloud storage

  • Google Drive. Heavyweight cloud storage offering tied in with G suite apps.
  • pCloud. A smart service with a slick online interface.
  • Microsoft OneDrive. Another sterling storage solution, particularly for Windows users.
  • Dropbox. Another big name with some great support for third-party apps.
  • MediaFire.

What are the cloud storage services?

A cloud storage service is a business that maintains and manages its customers’ data and makes that data accessible over a network, usually the internet. Most of these types of services are based on a utility storage model. They tend to offer flexible, pay-as-you-go pricing and scalability.

What is the best free cloud storage?

List of Top 10 Free Cloud Storage Available in 2019

  1. Sync.com.
  2. Mega.
  3. Dropbox.
  4. pCloud.
  5. OneDrive.
  6. iCloud.
  7. Next Cloud.
  8. Amazon Drive. This is another best free cloud storage available that helps the users in saving photos and files securely.

What is the best value cloud storage?

Which cloud storage has the best value?

  • We found the following:
  • Microsoft: OneDrive ($1.99 /mo and up)
  • Google: Google Drive ($1.99 /mo and up)
  • Mega: Mega (€4.99 /mo and up)
  • Apple: iCloud ($0.99 /mo and up)
  • Dropbox: Dropbox ($9.99 /mo and up)
  • Amazon: Amazon Drive ($11.99 /yr and up)
  • Box: Box ($10 a month)

What are the disadvantages of cloud storage?

5 Disadvantages of Using Cloud Storage

  1. Dependent on Internet Connection. Since cloud-based solutions depend on the speed of your Internet upload and download speed, having a low latency can impede you from accessing the data in real time.
  2. Costs.
  3. Hard Drives.
  4. Customer Support.
  5. Privacy issues.

Which is the safest cloud storage?

1. pCloud. Recommended for: users who want full control of their encryption. pCloud is my top pick as the safest cloud storage solution, simply because it has a different approach compared to most providers.

Is Facebook an example of cloud storage?

Ex: Dropbox, Gmail, Facebook

Right now, Dropbox is the clear leader in streamlined cloud storage allowing users to access files on any device through its application or website with up to 1 terabyte of free storage. Google’s email service provider Gmail, on the other hand, provides unlimited storage on the cloud.

Which cloud storage is cheapest?

The cheapest cloud storage 2018

  • pCloud: The best free cloud storage.
  • Google Drive: The cheapest low-capacity cloud storage.
  • Sync.com: The cheapest 500GB cloud storage.
  • Microsoft OneDrive: The cheapest 1TB cloud storage.
  • iCloud Drive: The cheapest 2TB cloud storage.
  • LiveDrive: The cheapest cloud storage for over 2TB.

Is Google Drive Better than Dropbox?

Both Google and Dropbox offer you a small amount of free file storage, but Google is far more generous. Dropbox’s free plan includes 2GB of storage, while Google Drive’s comes with 15GB. This is harder to do now than when Dropbox first came out, since many people already have Dropbox accounts, but every bit helps.

Is there a free cloud storage?

Dropbox, one of the most well-known cloud storage services, is also one of the stingiest when it comes to free storage. You only get 2GB with the Dropbox free plan, appropriately called Dropbox Basic. In addition to limiting gigabytes, many free cloud storage plans also limit the features you get.

Who gives most free cloud storage?

Best free cloud storage 2019

  1. Microsoft OneDrive. © Microsoft.
  2. pCloud. pCloud is a cloud file storage platform that offers a fairly generous 10GB free storage when you sign up.
  3. Mega. Mega is a paid-for cloud storage solution that boasts a substantial free offering too: 50GB to be precise.
  4. Google Drive. © Google.
  5. Dropbox.
  6. Box.
  7. Amazon Drive.
  8. Apple iCloud.

Where can I get unlimited cloud storage?

Best Unlimited Online Storage Providers 2019

  • Dropbox Business.
  • Box.
  • OpenDrive.
  • Rackspace Cloud Files.
  • Backblaze B2.
  • Final Thoughts.