What Is The Best Plex Server?

From enterprise workstations to streaming devices and DIY PCs, these are the top Plex servers you can buy.

  • Nvidia Shield TV Pro. Nvidia Shield TV Pro Nvidia Shield TV Pro Buy Now On Amazon $188.48.
  • Dell PowerEdge T30 Tower Server System.
  • Raspberry Pi 3 B+
  • Intel NUC 7 Mini PC.

18 Apr 2019

What do I need to run a Plex server?

My Plex Server Requirements

  1. Processor: i7 920 2.67GHz (PassMark: 4992)
  2. RAM: 12GB.
  3. Hard drive: (2) 500GB Western Digital Blue (Raid 0)
  4. Operating System: Windows 10 Pro (upgraded from Windows 7 Pro)
  5. Graphics cards: (2) HD Radeon 5850 1GB (Crossfire)
  6. Plex storage: Western Digital Duo 8TB.

8 Jan 2016

What is the best media server for home?

5 Best Home Media Server Software Choices

  • Plex. (Plex) Possibly the most popular media server software out there, Plex offers an easy setup and a highly flexible system for managing your media.
  • Universal Media Server. (ADSLZone)
  • Subsonic. (Wikipedia)
  • Serviio. (Serviio)
  • PlayOn. (Wikipedia)

19 Jan 2016

Can I have two Plex media servers?

Plex supports multiple servers per account, and each server supports multiple libraries and plug-in channels. Most installations will only use a single server, but the option is there if you prefer to run more than one.20 Sep 2017

Which NAS for Plex Media Server?

However, choosing the right NAS for a plex media server can be difficult. Big brands such as Synology, QNAP, Asustor, WD and Netgear all have a range of NAS drives available that all promise to support the Plex Media Server application (which is FREE), but each performs better or worse than another.24 Jan 2019

Is Plex server free?

Of course, we don’t charge you in any way for that. The Plex Media Server is free to use and includes the Plex Web App. All of our non-mobile, public apps are free. These include Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Plex Media Player, Roku, Smart TVs, TiVo, and game consoles (PlayStation and Xbox One).

Is Plex worth paying for?

It is well worth buying a Plex Pass to help support those developers. Even the free version of Plex has no ads so the only way to support the platform is to pay for the Plex Pass. So the short answer is yes, the Plex Pass is very definitely worth the expense.

Is Plex the best media server?

The Best Server and NAS Options for Plex

The PowerEdge T30 is a solid choice with an excellent CPU. As a Plex client and server, the Nvidia Shield TV offers unrivaled value.

What is needed for a Plex server?

Plex Media Server is compatible with most popular operating systems. Here are the minimum specs that you’ll need to run the server: No transcoding – Intel Atom 1.2GHz. Single 720p transcode – Intel Core i3 3.0 GHz.

Which is better plex or EMBY?

The only difference is that Plex supports Drobo NAS devices whereas Emby does not. Both client apps also support all of the major desktop operating systems, mobile operating systems, and streaming boxes. However, once again, there are some devices and services which Plex supports but Emby does not.