Quick Answer: What Is Var Decision?

Incident occurs

The referee informs the VAR, or the VAR recommends to the referee that a decision/incident should be reviewed.

What decisions can var be used for?

The VAR can be used in all these situations if the referee gives a decision, allows play to continue or if a serious incident is ‘missed’ i.e. not seen by the match officials.

What does var mean?

Video Assistant Referee

How does var work in football?

VAR operates on a three-step process of incident, review/advice, decision, and across the four jurisdictions of football deemed ‘game changing’ by Fifa.

Does Premier League have var?

Premier League clubs were today provided with an update on plans for the introduction of Video Assistant Referees (VAR) in the competition next season. The Premier League has created graphics which will be displayed on giant screens to explain any VAR-related delay to a match, and any overturned decision.