What Is VAR In Football Used For?

The video assistant referee (VAR) is a match official in association football who reviews decisions made by the head referee with the use of video footage and a headset for communication.

What decisions can var be used for?

The VAR can be used in all these situations if the referee gives a decision, allows play to continue or if a serious incident is ‘missed’ i.e. not seen by the match officials.

Will they use VAR in the Premier League?

VAR will be used in the Premier League for the first time in the 2019-20 season. However, the league is conscious the international laws of the game must be followed, as indicated by Fifa referees’ chief Pierluigi Collina.

How many cameras does VAR use?

The Cameras

The video assistant referee team has access to 33 broadcast cameras, eight of which are super slow-motion and four of which are ultra slow-motion cameras. In addition, they have access to two offside cameras. These two cameras are only available to the video assistant referee team.

How does var work in Champions League?

Video Assistant Referees (VAR) will be introduced into the UEFA Champions League from this round. The VAR will be used in order to support the referee when making decisions concerning four match-changing situations: Goals. Incidents in the penalty area.

Is VAR used in Champions League?

VAR use in Champions League & Europa League 2018-19 knockout games confirmed. Video assistant referees will be used in the Champions League and Europa League this season, Uefa has announced. VAR will then be used from the play-off stage of the Champions League next season as well as in the 2019 Super Cup.

Is VAR used in La Liga?

Spain – VAR has had a positive impact in its first season in La Liga despite recent criticism, the Spanish Football Federation’s referees committee insisted on Tuesday. Video technology has been introduced to Spain’s top flight this term, with the Champions League and Premier League both set to adopt it in 2019-20.

What does VAR check?

VAR stands for video assistant referee. They are situated in a video operation room which is essentially a bank of monitors offering different camera angles. Four types of decisions can be reviewed using VAR: goals (and violations in the build-up to them), penalties, red cards and mistaken identity in awarding a card.