Where Is SendGrid Located?


SendGrid is a Denver, Colorado-based customer communication platform for transactional and marketing email.

Who owns SendGrid?


What is SendGrid account?

SendGrid is the world’s largest email infrastructure as a service provider. We send over 50 billion non-spam emails a month for over 80,000 paying customers including technology leaders like AirBnB, Spotify, and Uber.

What is SendGrid mail server?

SendGrid provides an SMTP service that allows you to deliver your email via our server instead of your client or server. SendGrid’s SMTP API allows developers to specify custom handling instructions for e-mail using an X-SMTPAPI header inserted into the message.

Is SendGrid free?

Many providers also offer this (SendGrid does too—after 30 days of 40k emails for free, you can send 100 emails a day for free to a list of up to 2k contacts, forever) but at some point, if your business is growing, you’ll need to send larger volumes of email.