Who Makes The Most Money Per Second?

Apple leads the pack by a wide margin, making $1,444 in profit per second – this is equal to $5.2 million per hour, $127 million per day, or $45.7 billion per year, based on 2016 net income figures.

How much does Jeff Bezos earn per day?

On May 1, it was $132 billion, meaning it rose $33 billion. If you divide that difference by the 120 days in that period, you find that he made $275 million a day. Divide that by 24 hours in a day to get about $11.5 million per hour, the equivalent of roughly $191,000 per minute or — the clincher — $3,182 every second.

How much money Google makes per second?

In 2009 the top earning website was making $691 per second, today it is making $3392 per second!How much is Google earning per second? Nov 2, 2017 – But , according to previous year’s records the Average revenue of google per second globally was $490,000.

How much does Jeff Bezos make in 1 second?

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 where he runs an online Bookstore. As per the reports of 2019, the updated net worth of Jeff Bezos is $131 Billion. Now if we talk about his 1 sec earning then he earns about $2,488/sec, which makes him $14,280/min, $8.95 Million/hr and for a day his earning is around $215 Million.

How much money does Bill Gates make a second 2019?

With a worth of $72 billion, a 6% rate of return would earn Gates roughly $114.16 per second he is alive, making it a poor investment for Bill Gates to bother picking up a $100 bill if he dropped it.